The most complete Online Food Booking System

Website / Ordering and table reservation all in one, Facebook and Mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

Our system enables you to receive online orders directly without e-intermediaries retaining large proportions of your revenue.

Receive orders from your customers directly.

Manage your online ordering autonomously, just like you do in your own store. Customers are also ordering from other places. The most effective solution for winning and acquiring new ones is to work with your own integrated, modern and efficient platform.


Contactless catalog easily, quickly and free

Our system allows you to get your own digital product catalogue instantly and completely free of charge and you can take orders quickly and easily WITHOUT THE INTERVENTION OF WAITERS.

Take your customers’ experience to the next level

Allow your customers to view your product catalog easily and quickly via their mobile phone or tablet directly from their table, hotel room, sunbed or the comfort of their home.

Receive orders directly from your customers

Combine contactless catalog with the online ordering service, and enable your customers to order and pay contactless and safe from their mobile phone.


The ultimate  ROOM SERVICE & RESERVATION  SYSTEM only 3€/room*

Simple pricing, no surprises


This is a SaaS application and the price is monhly payment. No hidden fees.
*(This Price is for the Basic Packet)
Also we have one time payment the NFC & QR CODES and the menu creation


The Basic Pack contains

  •  Free Website Ordering System
    The application will add a “See MENU & Order” button to your website and start sending orders your way.
  •  Free Mobile Ordering System
    Our online ordering works also for mobile devices. Your customers can conveniently order from anywhere they are.
  •  Table Reservations System
    The application will add a “Table Reservations” button to your website so that customers can easily book a table in advance.
  •  Free orders through your Facebook page
    This option enable your customers to order straight from your Facebook business page, whilst being hooked by the active promos visible at the top of your menu.
  •  Real-time Ordering
    We keep your customer engaged while you review the order and display the order confirmation in real time.
  •  Order Ahead for Reservations
    When enabled, this feature allows customers to order food in advance when making a table reservation.
  •  No-contact Delivery & Minimum Exposure Pickup Options
    Enable contactless (home or curbside) delivery and pickup orders to keep your staff and clients safe & your business running.
  •  Scheduled Orders
    Allow your customers to order now and schedule a specific fulfillment time for pickup or delivery. This way, you can take orders 24/7 and make money while you sleep!
  •  QR Code Menu for Dine-in Ordering
    Enable your customers to order as soon as they get seated at the table, by simply scanning your very own QR code menu.
  •  Run a Promo or Coupon Deal
    Set-up almost any promo logic you can think of. Now it’s time to run that promo you’ve always wanted.
  •  Irresistible First-time Promos
    Turn those website visits into orders. Seal the deal by offering an eyeballing first-buy discount.


Additionally with the premium pack you will have :

  • Your Branded Mobile App
    Offer your client a personalized ordering app for Android and iOS.
  • Online Payments
    Allows foodies to pay for orders online,with their credit or debit cards directly into yours restaurant’s account.
  • Sales Optimized Website
    Generate more online orders with a website optimized for search engines and conversion.
  • Advanced promotions
    Unlimited promotions active at the same time plus a wide variety of promotions template.
  • Autopilot Selling
    Increase restaurants revenue from food-clients via Email & SMS outreach, that will give extra income depending on your marketing plan..

All succesfull business run promos in order to give value to their customers and increase sales.

More Features

  • Virtual 360° Reality
    Using Technology and AI™ , we create a 3D digital rendering of any space in your Restaurants 
  •  Vacation Mode
    Instantly put on hold one or more services (i.e., delivery or pickup), for a short amount of time, or even change your service hours on vacations, national holidays or on any other given day.

  •  Pictures in Menu
    We supply a free photo stock of delicious food images. Feel free to use them or upload your own to create great-looking menus
  • Detailed Reports
    Take business decisions based on relevant data from the reporting dashboard.
  • Automatically Analyze Your Google Listing
    Receive step-by-step recommendations on how to optimize your Google Business listing & make sure your customers can order from you online
  •  Multi-Template Receipt Editor
    Customize your restaurant receipts for your customers & chefs alike. You can even advertise your promos & secure future sales.
  • Draw your Own Delivery Areas
    No matter how big or small. With our delivery configuration tool, you can simply draw the delivery zone you want to service & tweak it later on, according to your business needs.

  • End of Day Report
    Get a breakdown of your restaurant’s performance delivered to your email at the end of each day, from sales to tips, order types, and more.
  • Send Invitations to Order Online
    Got a few clients who haven’t tried out online ordering yet? Import them right away and get them invited to order online & kickstart your restaurant’s sales.
See MENU & Order Table Reservation

Our Vision & Mission

At Hotelevo, our vision is to revolutionize the way people experience dining by providing a seamless online platform for food ordering and table booking. We aim to become the go-to destination for individuals seeking convenience, variety, and exceptional dining experiences. Our vision is to connect food enthusiasts with their favorite restaurants, while also introducing them to new culinary delights, all within a user-friendly and innovative online environment.

Our mission at Hotelevo is to empower food lovers with the ability to effortlessly explore, order, and enjoy delectable meals from a wide array to order. We strive to simplify the process of food ordering and table booking, ensuring that our users can enjoy the convenience of online transactions and seamless interactions with their chosen dining establishments.